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Brass Brake Pads for your ATV and SxS

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About Swampdog

Brass Brake Pads

These brass brake pads are bonded, reinforced with brass machine screws, and built to the same dimensions as their OEM counterparts for strength and proper fitment. Note that we do not offer "standard" or "heavy duty" versions of the same model pad, they are all made with the thickest piece of brass available that will still allow the pads to fit over the brake rotor. They are manufactured with a grade of brass that we feel is the best compromise between longevity and stopping power.

Some Background

We at Swampdog Off Road have a passion for riding ATVs. Most of the trails we ride take us through the swamps and bogs of Southeastern North Carolina. We typically ride relatively slow, as the deep water and mud dictates, rarely having the need for hard braking. Although we don't use them all that much, all of us tend to wear out a set of brake pads at a very fast rate, particularly on the Can-Ams. The aggravation of constantly replacing brake pads, along with the cost, drove me to find some sort of a solution to this issue. Not satisfied with what I could find available in the aftermarket, I decided to use brass stock and make my own pads. I tested and tweaked this design for myself and my riding buddies. Over time, others have reached out and asked that I make them pads for their machines. We have formed Swampdog Off Road to offer these brake pads to our fellow ATV riders that enjoy playing in the mud, muck and deep water as much as we do and are sick and tired of replacing brake pads after every couple of rides.

*Please note that, although the brass pads do maintain a satisfactory level of stopping power, they do sacrifice some "bite" for the longevity that they provide. We do not recommend them if you typically ride at higher rates of speed and where there is an expectation of hard and heavy braking, such as riding in the mountains on steep grades, rock crawling, trail racing, etc. A more conventional type brake pad might be better suited to those applications*

No brake pad will last forever, but we hope our products will allow for our fellow mud riders to spend more time riding and less time wrenching. Please contact us if you have any questions.
-Swampdog Off Road

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Don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments, questions, or special requests regarding our products and inventory. We’re happy to help in every way we can.

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