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Can-Am Renegade Gen2 Brass Brake Pads

Can-Am Renegade Gen2 Brass Brake Pads

SKU: 617618617618

Full set (4 pairs) of brass brake pads. 3/16” brass stock. Please verify that the pictured pads accurately represent the design of what is on your machine.


**Please note that in 2020, Can-Am went to a 3-caliper setup on some of the Renegades. Please see "Can-Am G2 Outlander" for that set.

This is one of our most popular style of pads. We build many sets every week. If they are marked “out of stock,” please message or email us for an expected shipping date. We only mark items “out of stock” if we cannot ship within 24hours, not because we are not making them. Thanks!

Can-Am G2 Renegade
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